Operations Practitioner Diploma.

Accredited/Recognised by:

Levy Funded?

Operations Practitioner Diploma is offered alongside the IRO Level5 Apprenticeship and can also be bought separately to augment in-house training.

Who is it for:

Useful for mid level professionals. Some Knowledge of rail is necessary – it is not viewed as an induction programme.


Face to face, investigative and reflective practice and online tutor.

Requirements for Study:

Attendance at 9 separate events – each one lasting one day typically spread over 18 months – 2 years.

Access or use of a computer and internet connection.

How does it work?

On registration, participants are joined to a closed online group and given access to online learning materials. The dates of the training days
are spread out usually over a 18 – 24 month period or 12 – 15 weeks apart. Principles of the subject are introduced and case studies used
in a group setting to share learning and optimise reactions and decision making. Reflective, practical exercises make the learning relate back
to the workplace and are marked by IRO’s own trainers.

Submission is online.


Main Personal Benefit:

Elevated professional status, sector expertise and nationally recognised certifications.

Main Company Benefit:

Succession ready mid-level employees with detailed knowledge of whole railway system.

For more information or to register your interest, email Danny Stafford at learnserve@railwayoperators.co.uk or call 03333 440523