Upgrading Your Membership.

Upgrading your membership in the IRO says something about you. As an IRO member you may apply for any level of membership.

You can apply for an upgrade at any time by simply logging into your personal area and completing your membership upgrade application on line. To access your personal area, login to this website and click on your “edit/upgrade” button at the top of the page, or click on the following link  https://iro.mkmapps.com/Account/Login.

The IRO CPD system login page will open up on your screen. Enter your username and password and your personal area will open on screen.

Click on the Membership upgrade user guide for further details.

What qualifies me for an upgrade?

Your work experience and your professional knowledge are what determine the level of membership you will be awarded. We ask you to think about these – you may surprise yourself.

What information do I need to provide?

  • An annotated full CV
    Going through your CV, consider each job or experience in the light of the sections listed in the POD and mark the CV with a note of the number, or numbers, of the POD sections, if any, which it seems to cover
    (If you are unsure what should be included in your CV click here)
  • Summarise your knowledge and experience in each relevant POD section
    To view POD online click here (please note this is a member’s only page so you must login to view)

How do I apply for an upgrade?

1 Click on the “Membership Applications” button on the tool bar in your personal area.

Your Membership Applications page will open up – click on the orange “Upgrade” button.

The upgrade membership levels will show on your screen – select the membership level you wish to apply for.


2 Summarise the details of your knowledge and experience in each relevant POD section.

POD covers twelve areas which are set out in four groups of related disciplines. Click on the “jump to:” drop-down list to navigate between the four pages.


3 Next, click the “Upload Evidence” button to upload your annotated CV and any other
relevant membership application documents.


4 Click the “Submit Application” button when you have completed your application.

How much does it cost?
There is an administration fee of £27 (inc. VAT) for a membership upgrade application. This is payable once your upgrade has been awarded.