Mentoring Scheme.

The IRO Mentoring Scheme is free for all members of the Institution. The scheme provides a managed relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee to enable:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Working through professional issues
  • Improvement and career development
  • Provision of a sounding board or critical friend when required
  • The Mentor to act as an experienced and trusted guide within the confidential relationship

The intent is not to teach, judge or necessarily to offer solutions but to provide a sounding board which will give the Mentee enough information to enable them to make the right decisions, and help them develop their own professional and personal skills and resources.


IRO Mentoring SchemeWhat is the purpose of mentoring?

To assist practitioners (“Mentees”) to develop their professional competence, achieve their learning objectives and develop their behaviour through mentoring provided by more experienced practitioners (“Mentors”).
Mentoring is an arrangement in which a Mentor offers on-going support and guidance to a Mentee to help the Mentee manage his or her own learning and career development (called the “Mentoring Scheme”).

Gordon F Shea, in his book ‘Mentoring – A Guide to Basics’ defines Mentoring as:
…a process whereby mentor and mentee work together to discover and develop the mentee’s latent abilities, to provide the mentee with knowledge and skills as opportunities and needs arise, and for the mentor to serve as an effective tutor, counsellor, friend and foil who enables the mentee to sharpen skills and hone her or his thinking.

» Download a PDF of the Mentoring Scheme Framework


IRO Members who would like enroll as a Mentee on the IRO Mentoring Scheme should complete the Mentee Application form which can be downloaded below.

» Download a Mentee Application Form


If you are a full Member or a Fellow of the IRO and would like to share your knowledge and experience to make a positive contribution towards the development of Operators within the industry, please download the application from below and become involved with the Mentoring Scheme.

» Download a Mentor Application Form

When forms are completed please email them to or post them to:
Mentoring, Institution of Railway Operators, The Moat House, Stafford. ST16 2EZ

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