East Coast Trains Limited (ECTL) will help customers travel well, beyond expectations.

ECTL is a new open access operator, and from October 2021 we will be providing regular, cost effective 100% electric train travel between London and Edinburgh as an alternative to flying that is cheaper, kinder to the environment and just as time effective as taking a domestic flight. Based in Newcastle we’re doing things in a new way, we are re-imagining rail.

At ECTL we believe that offering training, development and apprenticeships is an integral and valuable part of our business, which together will allow us to be the best we can be, in an environment where continuous improvement and learning is encouraged and supported.

We want all our colleagues to be successful and have roles they find fulfilling and enjoyable. Therefore, we are, as a new company making a significant investment in training and development so that our people can help us to be the company that we want to be; safe, successful, customer focused and a place that people want to come and join.


By reimagining rail we will deliver a unique and industry-leading, easy to use travel experience for our customers. Our dedicated team will provide excellent service on our state of the art trains so that we can ensure our customers travel well – beyond expectations.


To reimagine rail and be the leading long distance Operator in the UK within 3 years of launch. Creating new ways to travel for our customers that challenge other modes of transport, through the provision of a sustainable, high quality, innovative and cost effective service.

Our Values

We are focused on providing SAFE, HEALTHY & ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE experiences.

Our people, culture and training ensure we are MOTIVATED & ENGAGED.

FRESH THINKING & INNOVATION help us to create differentiation in the way we do things.

We continuously strive to be better tomorrow than we are today seeking SERVICE & PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE.

We are COLLABORATIVE & INCLUSIVE in what we do, working in partnership with each other, our customers and the wider environment.

We use innovation to keep us LEAN & AGILE.


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