On behalf of the Scottish Area Council I’d like to welcome you to our area council home page.  We have reinvigorated the region and delivered events throughout Scotland over the last two years.  Our 2018/2019 academic calendar year has brought the following events:

Oct 2018 – Revolution in Rail

Nov 2018 – Introduction to PTS

Dec 2018 – Man in Seat 61

Jan 2019– LNER Azuma

Feb 2019– Women in Rail

Mar 2019 – ScotRail Simulator

April 2019 – TPE Nova Trains

May 2019 – Euroterminal Mossend


We will meet in July 2019 to plan our 2019/2020 academic calendar year events.

As these events are confirmed they will be added to our event schedule on our page.

Feedback is important to us and we are really interested in what our members would like to see.

If there is anything you would like then please let us know by emailing and we will do our best to deliver.


Barry McLaughlin
Chair, Scottish Area Council

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