Posted on July 3, 2014 · Posted in General IRO news, Midlands

Michael Roberts, Director General of the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) concluded our theme this season of developing a sustainable and future-proof railway for CP5 and beyond.

Created as a direct result of the study and report by Sir Roy McNulty in 2011, the RDG exists to lead the rail industry in delivering a higher performing, more cost effective and sustainable railway network for Britain’s rail users and taxpayers. McNulty argued that the industry needed to be given, and to accept, greater responsibility for determining its own future through a cross-industry leadership group driving a substantial programme of change.

The RDG focuses on industry-wide issues including the strategy and long term vision for our railway. It aims to do this by informing government choices about rail, and developing plans in response to government specifications. In October 2013, the RDG incorporated a number of functions previously delivered by ATOC relating to industry representation. No programme examining the sustainable and future-proof railway for CP5 and beyond could succeed without detailed consideration of the work and intentions of the RDG.

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