Posted on February 21, 2014 · Posted in North East

Graham Botham, the Principal Strategic Planner for the LNE&EM Route at Network Rail provided a talk on how railway investment is identified, funded and how large a role it plays in the economic success of the UK.

Graham provided a thoroughly interesting talk about how strategic and how considerate the enhancement plans are for the railways of Britain. The strategy takes into account a large variety of influencing factors, which included a 20 year look ahead, the economic needs of the country, and the energy strategy.

The example given of the Northern Hub and Trans Pennine electrification was fascinating as Graham talked through how the programme was developed, what we can expect to see and why the work is being delivered in the order we will see it.

But simply investing only works if you are enabling the movement of enough people, and generally this will be people to/from their places of work. A really exciting example was provided which demonstrated the huge success of the Manchester tram system.

Overall the talk provided a rare insight into the complexities and influences that the improving rail network delivers.