Posted on June 11, 2013 · Posted in Scotland

The IRO Scottish Area is proud to be a sponsor of the Rail 100 Breakfast Club Scotland. The event, held on 26 April 2013, was a great opportunity to the see the dynamics and connectivity of the rail industry within Scotland.

The guest speaker, David Middleton, the Chief Executive of Transport Scotland, gave an interesting speech on the evolution of rail investment in Scotland and how historic choices are still impacting on issues today and this brought up a lively discussion between the varied peoples gathered for the breakfast. Politicians, academics, engineers, senior company managers and journalists all joined in to discuss the possibilities of railway development and innovation within Scotland today.

Jim Douglas, Area Chairman, IRO Scottish Area Council, gained a much greater understanding of the issues facing Scottish railways today, and the time afterwards provided an excellent opportunity to network, ask questions and generally gain a wider picture of the railway industry than my own personal experience in it so far could offer.

For the IRO, Jim believes its involvement is worthwhile in the respect to both increasing others awareness and support of the organisation, and allowing the members to be involved in something their career paths or work schedules would not usually include.

Jim Douglas, Chair, Scottish Area, IRO

Jim Douglas, Chair, Scottish Area, IRO