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  • Thu, 16 May 2019, 18:00
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  • Kirkmanshulme Lane, Longsight, Manchester, M12 4HR

IRO Area

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Manchester Traincare Centre is the central point of preventative maintenance for Virgin’s Pendolino fleet (CL390) on the West Coast Mainline. It is one of five maintenance facilities, the others being Glasgow, Wolverhampton, Wembley and Liverpool.

Longsight has an extensive history with the first maintenance works being built in 1842, when the rail system was in its infancy. Today the site covers over 36 acres, with around 250 people working on site and a range of facilities being available for multiple fleets of trains.

The centre is also the home for the Pendolino overhauls, which are carried out at approximately every 850,000 miles, with the last overhaul (H5) being conducted at around 4.2 million miles. Facilities on site include:

  • Planning (“War Room”)
  • SIM Lift facility
  • Bogie Overhaul
  • Self service Stores
  • Component overhaul workshops
  • Maintenance facilities for multiple fleets
  • Train scanner (The future of maintenance)

Attendees should wear rail approved PPE, including safety shoes, orange hi-viz coat or vest, bump cap and safety spectacles. Light refreshments available.

The location is 1 mile south of Ashburys Station if travelling by rail or can be reached by car.


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CPD Topics Covered: Maintenance and Renewal, Performance Management, Railway Engineering, Rolling Stock and Fleet Management, Train Movement and Control Systems


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