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IRO Area Event Presentations.

The Rise of Non Technical Skills: Jul 2015

Britain’s railway – a “whole-industry” approach – The Rail Delivery Group: Jun 2014

The Stafford Alliance and the Stafford Area Improvement Programme: Apr 2014

Lord Tony Berkeley – “A voice for freight”: Apr 2014

Technical Strategy – presentation to IRO Derby – Francis How: Oct 2013

GNGE Network Change: Nov 2012

Capacity Planning – May 2016

Network Rail’s Capacity and Planning Director, Fiona Dolman, presented on the role of her team, and the challenges and the efforts to improve the offering the service Network Rail provides – with a focus on reducing minutes delay, bettering the quality of the of the timetable and planning for the future, whilst providing a service to passenger and freight customers bidding for trains. Fiona also set out the apprenticeship scheme now offered – whereby new train planners don’t plan trains for the first 6 months of their career – having time instead to visit signal boxes, gain practical operating experience on a heritage railway and learn the systems they will be using.

Public Sector Franchises – Good or Bad? May 2016

Interoperability: Preparing for ERTMS and the Digital Railway Part 1 / Interoperability: Preparing for ERTMS and the Digital Railway Part 2