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Operators’ Handbook – Second Edition

By Institution of Railway Operators
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Operators-Handbook-cover-2nd-editionThis Handbook has been written by the Institution of Railway Operators to help railway operators at all levels develop and hone their skills in train operations management. It contains good practice guidance and tips for professional rail operators, primarily based on heavy rail train operations in Great Britain. It covers the operational issues managed by Network Rail and Train & Freight Operating Companies. Some of the topic areas covered by the individual chapters deal with train planning, infrastructure and train interfaces, specific characteristics of trains and infrastructure, running a railway under normal conditions, train crew management, station operations and running a railway during disruption. Technical knowledge is not explicitly covered by this Handbook, it is assumed that users have, or are acquiring, the necessary technical skills relevant to their organisational responsibilities.

Paperback – Price: £35.00  » BUY NOW

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