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Helping you to improve your industry knowledge

The IRO provides bespoke training packages both at a tailor-made company level and as open access courses. As well as this, IRO Learn (the Institution’s learning website) offers a variety of online and taught courses that provide an alternative to our academic distance learning courses in Railway Operations Management.


Taught Courses

This one day course will help you gain a comprehensive picture of the rail environment. Topics covered in this course include: The Market for Rail Transport, Track and Train – the Basics, Signalling, Operational Standards and Interfaces and Organising the Railway.


This course is designed for those who are new to the subject as well as those who wish to further their career development and expertise in this field by setting their knowledge in a wider context. We will introduce the specific tasks of operational planning, and set out to show how the timetable is fundamental to a railway business, generating revenue and influencing costs.

Ops 180 is a collection of 9 courses, each taking around 180 minutes to complete.  Delivered by industry experts, these courses provide an in-depth insight into the following areas: Emergency and Incident  Management, Performance Management, Delivering Passenger and Freight Services, Managing Safety, Delivering Customer Services, Operational Planning and Timetabling, People and Change, Railway Organisations Business Context and Rail Engineering and Asset Management.

The flexibility offered by IRO Learn means that Ops180 courses can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of an organisation. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the many ways we can help:


 Online Courses

As well as the taught courses above, IRO Learn offers a variety of online courses that can be studied anytime, anywhere. Each course aims to help broaden your outlook, fill gaps in knowledge and provide tangible means of advancement though recorded continuous professional development and self-learning. Each link below will take you to the IRO Learn website where you can find more about course content and difficulty.


This interactive course is divided into nine manageable sections and provides people who are new to rail with a basic overview of each aspect of the industry. There are simple to follow explanations, videos and diagrams along with supporting text in each section, finalised by a simple short quiz at the end of each section to qualify understanding.

Further to the introductory course, the Ops90 course modules are designed to mirror the basis of all of the Institution’s learning framework (Professional Operators Development – POD). Each taking around 90 minutes to complete (hence the name!), they provide valuable railway operations understanding, in most cases extending beyond the boundaries of your specific job role.




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