Posted on June 2, 2017 · Posted in General IRO news, North West & Wales

North West & Wales Area Council and their Area Members recently had the pleasure of receiving a presentation on RILA (Rail Infrastructure Alignment Acquisition System).

This System measures absolute track position and geometry, with engineering level accuracy. The presentation was delivered by Andrew O’Keefe and Roy Hickman of Network Rail, who had both been involved in the project’s implementation.

Andrew began the presentation by confirming that the RILA System was not a replacement for the Network Management Train, which is seen regularly across the Network. RILA serves a different purpose, and because it is a light, comparatively portable facility, it is able to achieve results very quickly. The apparatus involved is easily fitted to any Locomotive or Unit. Pioneered in 2013, the System having been fully ratified, is now in regular official use by Network Rail; and Andrew acknowledged the great co-operation that had been received from the Train Operating Companies whose vehicles carry the equipment. All parties realised the mutual benefits to be gained from fast, accurate infrastructure measurement, and its impact on Asset Maintenance. Andrew’s prime role had been to facilitate introduction of RILA from the Rail Operators’ point view, while Roy’s focus was on the Engineering.

Roy showed us photographs and graphics which illustrated the incredible accuracy of the System. While RILA and RILA 360, which gives 3D reproduction of the rail corridor, can measure up to 500 miles per day, the accuracy is such that not only is the data in use from a Renewals point of view, but Design decisions are now being made on the received data, again, saving so much time and expense.

After a lengthy Q&A session, where Andrew and Roy took time to answer the many questions, the Event Champion, Tom Cox, on behalf of N.W.Area Council, and the Members present, thanked them both for the informative and interesting presentation, which was very well received.

Tom Cox
Assistant Secretary