Posted on June 25, 2014 · Posted in General IRO news

The Institution of Railway Operators, a focal point for raising standards through operational training, sharing knowledge and expertise, is committed to offering valuable learning opportunities

Railway workers inspect the main Exeter to Plymouth  railway line at Dawlish Extreme weather bought a wide cross section of difficulties to rail operators and service providers throughout most of the UK. Operating companies were put under immense pressure to maintain levels of service, applying new working methods and in some cases re-thinking the way in which they ran their railway services on a day-to-day basis during this time. From engineering emergencies to passenger satisfaction every facet of normal running faced disruption.

The June 2014 Met Office report suggests that this is set to continue with summers expected to become drier overall by 2100, intense rainfall and serious flash flooding could become much more frequent.

At the IRO Conference held at the Charing Cross Hotel, London, on 13th June 2014, key industry speakers showcased their own experiences and reviews of these extreme operating conditions. Information and innovative solutions were presented, addressing the most complex operational situations. Delegates were able to take away valuable knowledge, best practice and unbiased views of shared personal accounts of what was undoubtedly a testing time for all involved in rail.

In its commitment to offer valuable learning experiences the accounts were filmed so that the value of the learning could be shared large-scale in by the IRO Corporate Members. Click on the video below to watch an interesting section of the conference delivered by Guy Dangerfield: Passenger Issues Manager at Passenger Focus, speaking on ‘The Passenger Perspective on Extreme Weather’.

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